The Part-Time Tweeter

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Learn how to get to 1,000 followers on Twitter in 56 minutes whilst working a day job.

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I've been writing seriously on Twitter for 48 days. I went from 425 to 1,000 in less than 7 weeks.

Before that, I was trying and failing with Twitter. I'd write something, hear crickets, get discouraged and leave. I did this over a period of months until I started taking Twitter seriously. Now it's the growth hub of my business and I want to teach you to do the same.

The perfect course for part-time creators

If you're writing alongside your day job (like I am) you need shortcuts. Not shortcuts like you think, there is no way to beat the game but there are ways to speed things up.

This is a masterclass in skipping the line and getting to the good stuff. This is the good stuff. The best stuff. This is the stuff I wish somebody sat me down and told me before I posted a single thing online.

  • Stop feeling like you don't know what you're doing online.
  • Get rid of the imposter syndrome with actionable steps.
  • Feel confident in your plan for growth in 2023.

What's in the course:

  • From working a 9-5 to working on the side: My Journey
  • The Sunday Roast Method
  • The Content Writing System That Made Me Thousands Whilst Working a Day Job
  • The Dead-Simple Content Review System: How to Analyse Your Tweets
  • The 4 Principles to Learning About Content on Twitter (Nobody Talks About This)

So why would you buy this?

  • Save time - if you're working a day job, this will speed up your growth.
  • Grow quicker - growth = credibility which then leads you to hit your goals quicker.
  • Build seamlessly - Twitter is a hub for entrepreneurs. Credibility on Twitter means you are more likely to sell your stuff.

Perfect for you if you're creating on the side, have a full-time job and a full-time life. And if you're not happy, get your money back no questions asked.

Be sure to check out the if you're looking for help creating on the side.

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What people are saying:


'Eve's course is one of the best I've taken in a long time! I love how to the point it is, and her methods of reviewing content are super helpful. I'll definitely be using these for my own writing! If you're looking to grow on Twitter in next to no time, look no further! Eve's got you covered :)' -@sstockdale9


'I just watched all your videos in "5 Dead-Simple Steps to Going From Zero to 1,000 Followers on Twitter" Wonderfully done, I ate it up. I learned a lot as well. You are an inspiration and your methodology is right in line with what I'm hoping to do.' - @TiMMDesigns


'I then started to watch her video course... And couldn't stop before reaching the end. Man did she deliver! Finally, all these things I had been reading about regarding copywriting and content production, somebody was offering a practical and relatable breakdown. Easy to follow, backed up with facts, numbers and thoughts, you get sucked in Eve's brain and come to embrace the way she processes and applies knowledge, grows from her learning and cleverly improves her content creation skills. A must-watch! And watch again. I for sure will apply what I learned here. Keep on bringing such value, Eve.' - @oli_boutet

My quality guarantee

If you're not 100% happy, get your money back, no questions.

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The Part-Time Tweeter

22 ratings